Monday, October 8, 2012

This makes five!

Dear Monkey,

     Where has the time gone? You are five months old today, and I can't believe my eyes. You continue to grow and learn every day and I'll never get tired of watching it happen.
     This past month you have found your voice. I know this because I hear you screech, and squeal, and grunt, and sigh when you feel like nobody is paying attention to you. You also chatter away with "bababa" and "dadada" sounds, which will soon become your first words. Sometimes these noises are tinged with frustration or boredom, but usually they are just silly, happy, baby noises. You are now very often a silly, happy baby!
     I began to get worried, I'll admit, that you were falling behind a little bit when you hadn't started to roll over on your own a month ago, but I was reminded last week that you are capable of amazing things. You just do them when you are good and ready. I watched you squirm around on your tummy at Grandma and Grandpa's house as the three of us cheered you on. You hitched up your leg over and over until you gained enough momentum, and just like that you were on your back! I picked you up and praised you, and I nearly cried because I was so incredibly proud of you.
     A few days ago, you discovered your feet. Now you've mostly moved on from sticking your hands in your mouth since these newly found appendages are so much more fun to grab.
     My new favorite thing is making you laugh. It doesn't take much these days. You laugh when I make silly faces and when I tickle your toes. You laugh at the TV and your polka dotted blanket. I will make a pretty big fool of myself just to hear your adorable little chuckle.
     I am convinced that you will never sleep through the night, but as long as you continue to wake up smiling, I may be able to get over it.

I love you, Monkey!
<3 Mama

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