Monday, October 22, 2012

Great Pumpkins!

For some reason, I have wanted to go to a pumpkin patch for the past three years or so, but apparently people look at you funny if you are in your twenties and go without kids. I finally had a little person to take with me, so even though she is way too little to know what was going on, we went to one yesterday. I was beyond thrilled to get a chance to take pictures of my little girl (who sits up by herself quite nicely now) with all of the pumpkins!

Things I learned today:
- There is a reason it's called a 5 o'clock shadow. The term may refer to facial hair, but it applies to photography as well. Late afternoon is a horrible time to take photos outdoors. It's almost impossible to get a shot without funky shadows or having to squint because the setting sun is in your eyes.
- Babies have no concept of posing or looking at a camera, so expect to take a ton of pictures. Most of them will be blurry or feature the side of your kiddo's head, especially if they are in a new place. At least, I know all my baby girl wanted to do was look at everything around her and she could not care less that I wanted a cute picture of her holding the pumpkin in front of her.
- Check the prices before you go. Find out what's included in your admission fee. We went to a Fall Festival/Corn Maze. I didn't expect to pay so much for entry and food and the little pumpkin we took home. Major bummer since we were only there for about an hour and didn't visit any of the attractions besides the pumpkin patch and about 20 feet of the corn maze.

We did end up getting some great pictures, but next year I think we will go to a smaller (free) pumpkin patch and save the festivals and fairs for when the little one can actually enjoy some rides and games.

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