Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Sox Box ***GIVEAWAY***

I had to return from my hiatus, however briefly, to share this AWESOME shop with you! When we left off, I was educating you ladies on gym equipment. The Sox Box has the perfect accessories for your deadlift day! (For me, they are an absolute necessity as I don't enjoy bloody shins no matter how badass they look.) Obviously, you can wear them whenever the heck you'd like, though. ;)

Here are my socks, which I ordered about a month ago. These are so my style on two levels. 1. I honestly still have trouble remembering left and right. (Laugh if you like.) 2. They're orange and blue. GO GATORS!

The Sox Box has an awesome variety of socks (one would hope, right?) including a few of my favorites: Zombie Killa, Beauty/Beast, Tough Tatas, and Thick Chick.

One of my favorite things about this shop is that they donate 20% of all profits to the Independence Fund, which is a non-profit organization which seeks to provide tools and services for wounded military veterans. Being married to an active duty soldier and raised in a family full of veterans, this cause is dear to my heart.

Athena from The Sox Box has agreed to let me give away a pair of her awesome socks, so without further ado:

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Where did my tiny newborn go?

Let's be honest. It looks like the baby on the right ate the baby on the left.

Holy guacamole!

     It's been 11 months since I first held you in my arms. You were so tiny! 6lb 14oz, 19.25 inches. I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them you were ever that small. Needless to say, you have thrived on the super nutritious boob juice, and recently a few bites of Mommy's food. You seem to like yogurt, rice cakes, and chicken. And, hey! You're finally getting the hang of the sippy cup! I bet you were a little surprised to learn that you could do more than just chew on the handles. ;)
     We flew together for the first time a couple weeks ago to visit family in Florida. That in itself was, uh, a learning experience. Like, I learned that next time I'll buy out the whole row so you have enough room to nurse and move around. It was great seeing family, though! You just love being around people (or, as I call them, your "adoring fans") and seeing new things.
     We went to Seaworld with Grandma & Grandpa U, Auntie Jen, Kim, and Capri. You slept through the Clyde and Seamore show, but LOVED the manta rays! Even though it was exceptionally windy and cold for spring in Central Florida, you were a trooper. You rode around on my back all day long without a single complaint.
     Grandma W took us to Uncle Donald's Farm, a tradition on both sides of the family. We saw chickens, bunnies, sheep, and lots of other animals. The goats were you favorite. I'm guessing it's because they had as much energy as you do! We also went on a hay ride and fed some cows. I thought you would be afraid of their massive size, but instead... you MOOED at them!
     You spent the rest of the trip chasing around Slick, the "kitty kitty" at Grandma and Grandpa's house. You said your first legit sentence, "Hi, kitty!" last week. In the meantime, you also sprouted two new teeth and learned a few new tricks. Grandpa U taught you how to clap on demand by saying, "One, two, three... YAY, JOSIE!" Now you start clapping on "One..." Grandpa W taught you to say "boom" when you knock over the stacking cups or fall on your butt. You did a lot of growing this past month and I have a feeling it won't slow down any time soon.
     I can't believe I'm already crunched for time to plan your birthday party. Your BIRTHDAY! This craziness needs to stop, kiddo. ;)

Love you X a million,