Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finding my self-worth as a second-time SAHM.

I stayed home with my daughter for over a year. I loved that I got that time with her, but for the most part, I was miserable.
I hardly ever got dressed, put on makeup, or even left the house.
I rarely got to do anything I enjoyed. We mostly ran errands and attended play dates. I never left the house alone!
I was not making any money, so our budget was very tight. I would scrounge every month to sell personal belongings in order to afford new clothes or other "luxuries" for myself.
I was always anxiously watching our bank account (and overall, I was watching the money in it disappear.)

Then! I got a job. I was excited to bring in some money and Josie really loved being around other kids all day, BUT!
At least half of my paycheck went to childcare expenses every month.
One of us was always sick!
I was underutilized and underappreciated, especially by the administration.
I went home every day feeling like I was worthless, like I was not good at my job, and even if I was, it didn't matter to anybody else because all they saw were my mistakes.
I had a full-blown anxiety attack and lost 10 lbs in my second trimester. Something had to change, so for the first time in my life, I quit my job without having any kind of backup plan.

The past 3 months have changed my life.
I took a chance on a new opportunity, FULLY expecting to fail (AGAIN!)
I was adopted into an amazingly supportive, positive, and encouraging, new family.
I REdiscovered my PASSION for fitness and nutrition! (I didn't even know I could be passionate about anything...)
I was driven to complete the certification process to become a fitness trainer, which I had been putting off for over a year.
I have helped countless others begin their own health, fitness, and HAPPINESS journeys.
I'm already making almost as much as I was taking home in my previous job AND I get to stay home with my baby (soon to be babies). Win win!
And then there's that whole waking up with a purpose instead of dread every day. ;)

Instead of counting down until Friday, or Spring Break, or the last day of school, I wake up looking forward to learning more, answering messages, and reaching out to people who need me!

I'm so excited that I get to share this opportunity with you all this week! Our awesome team is hosting a Sneak Peek into the life of a coach AND giving away a pair of custom Nikes to one new team member who joins us by Friday!
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