Friday, March 8, 2013

Creeping closer toward ONE YEAR!


     Today, you are ten months old. The amount of growth you show every day continues to amaze me. A few weeks ago, you hit possibly the biggest milestone of your little life so far. You started walking! I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched you walk across the living room to Daddy's recliner completely unassisted. You've been following me around the house like a little duckling ever since, helping me with my chores and staring in awe at all the things you've never seen before, like the open refrigerator. I'm pretty sure you think there is a magical land back there. I hate to disappoint you, but it's just a bunch of apples and coconut milk.
     Grandma told me (way back when all you did was cry) that you would be a lot of fun one day. She was right! You made up this really cute game to play with me while I'm studying. You run behind the side of the couch and peek your head out around the corner. When I see you, I make a silly face and you duck away again, giggling. This goes on and on, sometimes for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes not very long because I can't resist chasing after you and squeezing your chunky little legs and kissing you all over.
     We have gotten to play together a lot lately. Yesterday, we went to something called Kindermusik and sang songs with other little kids. Then we went to the mall and I took you out of the Beco to nurse, but you just wanted to run around. Luckily, I'm still bigger and faster than you, so I let you run. And I chased you and scooped you up when you got too close to other people (or the tile). You laughed the whole time until we had to go home. I couldn't sleep last night because I just kept thinking about what a great time we had.
     Yo Gabba Gabba is still your favorite show. Apparently nothing is quite as amusing as dancing monsters and a guy in a silly orange hat. Whatever floats your boat, kiddo! (I won't judge. I like shows about teenaged vampires and time-traveling aliens.) You also like any toys that you can crinkle, shake, or chew on. And I've all but given up trying to keep you from eating paper and dead leaves. They won't kill you, but I really can't imagine the appeal.
     In a couple weeks, you and I will take our first plane ride to Florida to visit our family (those people you see in the little rectangular box during FaceTime every week) and I'm pretty nervous about flying with you! It will be a short trip, so hopefully you won't be too uncomfortable. We are also going to Seaworld together, and I'm excited! It will be my first time there, too!

Well, Little Duck. You are growing up too fast, and I'm sure I will say that over and over again for the rest of my life. I truly do love you a little more each day.

<3 Mama