Monday, June 16, 2014

What is so DIFFERENT about Beachbody?

It may seem like I joined Team Beachbody pretty suddenly, but the truth is that I spent almost a YEAR watching the progress of my now-coach, Jessi. I had a lot of doubts and a lot of fears. My biggest fear was that I would fail-- AGAIN. I had done the MLM thing twice before and it didn't work for me. I was convinced that the people who succeeded in these company were either pushy salesmen who bullied the money out of people's wallets, or they were secretly paid by the corporate office to entice unsuspecting stay-at-home-moms to waste their husbands' paychecks on "business kits" and "inventory."
Why did I change my mind? What made me decide that the third time must be the charm? I saw something DIFFERENT in Jessi's posts about her team, the misFIT REPublic. She had built relationships with these women! Well, I was on a "team" with my last MLM, but we never took cruises together! We didn't cheer each other on through pic collages on Facebook. In fact, the last time I worked an event with my "teammates" one of them stole sales leads and $90-worth of products from me. Some team, right? I wanted to know what this misFIT REPublic was all about. Was it really possible for people to work together and encourage each other on a team, and still succeed in their own businesses?
Jessi posted about a "Sneak Peek" opportunity and I decided there was no harm in seeing what "coaching" really was. Why not? It was free! At worst, I would have wasted a few minutes each day participating in some cheesy "team-building" activities and I would have proven myself right about businesses like this.
I really, really hate being wrong. And even more, I hate admitting that I was wrong. As serious lifters and fitness snobs, my husband and I had spent so much time rolling our eyes at how silly it all was. But we were wrong. What is silly about wanting to become a better person? About changing what you don't like about yourself? About doing something you can be proud of? What is silly about achieving goals instead of sitting around posting inspirational quotes about them? And what is silly about reaching out to others who want to change, too?
So, here I am asking you what goals you want to reach for yourself. For your family. What changes do you want to make in your life? Any WHY haven't you made them yet? If it's because you need support and motivation to reach those terrifying, unrealistic, outrageous goals - you need a TEAM behind you!
^This was me.^ I had quit my crappy job and felt completely useless before I started coaching.
I ask you if you are ready to join my team, not because it will help me, but because I honestly feel the passion and need to share this experience with people who need the change- who need the TEAM- as badly as I did. If you feel in your gut that this might be you, please send me a message.
You can be a part of our next Sneak Peek and see what this coaching thing (and the misFIT REPublic) is really about. I am allowed to invite two people into the group, so please let me know if you are seriously considering this opportunity. I'd love to have you.