Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My ring sling is worth its weight in gold.

Some days my little girl is so active. If I try to take her for a walk in the carrier, she will squirm and wriggle to get out because she wants to move around. She's becoming so aware of her surroundings, she wants to see EVERYTHING! I'm always a little bummed when I have to cut our walks short because she is just not happy sitting still.

Today, however, poor baby had a cold and she just wanted to snuggle. Unfortunately, I had several loads of laundry to do, reviews to write, and information to gather on this upcoming PCS. I couldn't spend all day holding her like she'd prefer and my relief was coming home late, which would be a huge issue if I didn't have my lovely Girasol ring sling. Because of this beautiful (and somewhat ancient) invention, I was able to get all of my chores done for the day and comfort my sick baby all at the same time!

My Light Rainbow Girasol Wrap-Conversion Ring Sling is my new favorite carrier. I love the quality handwoven material of the Girasol, and I absolutely love the excellent construction and traditional SBP-style pleated shoulder provided by Sleeping Baby Productions. If you have a wrap you'd like converted, Sleeping Baby Productions is definitely the place to go. Check the FB page if you need any convincing.

Also, I discovered three new reasons to love babywearing as a new mom:
1. It hides my new mommy muffin top.
2. It hides my now clownishly lopsided boobies (which are due to baby girl insisting on nursing exclusively on the right for the past week.)
3. Nobody cares that you haven't showered, brushed your teeth, or put on makeup when you're wearing a cute little baby!

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