Monday, July 23, 2012

What This is All About

A lot in my life has changed recently. Within the last 5 years (since graduating college) I have started a career, gotten married, purchased a home, had a baby, and become a stay-at-home-mom. My husband also joined the Army and will be graduating AIT in October. Then we will be on our way to Ft. Hood, TX. With so much changing and taking care of an infant, I need to minimize the stress in other aspects of my life.

What causes me the most anxiety is clutter, money, and my health. These are going to be the main focus of my blog, so you will read all about my ventures in Paleo, powerlifting, parenting, minimizing, and budgeting. Not that I place myself in any box, but I breastfeed, wear, and cloth diaper my baby. I plan to make my own baby food and teach her sign language as well. If that makes me crunchy, so be it. I am passionate about fitness and nutrition and you will be virtual witnesses to my rants on the gym, processed foods, and lazy people. I am trying VERY hard after living a life full of STUFF to get rid of as many material possessions as possible in order to free my mind and simplify my life (and the infamous military moving process.) And finally, I have taken on the new challenge of budgeting on a single salary while saving and investing for our future. All while being completely clueless about finances other than knowing that it is a good idea to spend less than you make. So this should be fun! ;)

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