Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting Rid of Things

I've struggled with clutter my entire life. I don't think I ever learned how to sort through my stuff and determine what was worth keeping and what was just taking up space. I'm convinced that my parents just tossed a few things and cleaned up my room when I went away for the summers as a kid.

That garbage bag is filled solely with my husband's socks and boxer briefs.

BIG TIME CONFESSION: Throughout most of my childhood, the floor in my room was not visible. I often had to clear a path just to get from the door to my bed. It wasn't a Hoarders-level situation, but I was a messy kid. What did I learn from this? It's difficult to have a MESS if you don't have STUFF.
Since I came to that realization, I gave made it my mission to lug around as little as possible. How am I working on that now?

This closet has undergone several declutters.

I am currently clearing out closets to prepare for our October/November PCS to Ft. Hood. And I'm doing it alone since my husband is in Georgia until said PCS. We tend to accumulate clothing and shoes most easily, so I'm starting there. Again, this post is on the verge of becoming too long, so I'll save my Plato's Closet rant for another day. But believe me, it IS coming!

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