Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Workout Plan

As I've said, prior to getting pregnant I was in great shape and training to be a powerlifter. That means improving on the "big three" (squats, deadlifts, and bench press) at every gym session. I was actually doing really well, too! I weighed around 112lbs and my memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe I was squatting 105, benching 115, and deadlifting 135. Pretty cool, right?
The plan was to maintain my strength through pregnancy by continuing to lift with lighter weights. I cut way back on weight and my trips to the gym became more and more infrequent once my husband left for basic training, so that plan pretty much failed.
Once my daughter was born, I had the overwhelming desire to jump back into my workouts ASAP. I knew I wasn't supposed to lift, so I popped in a few P90x DVDs and even though they practically killed me, it felt great to get moving again. Unfortunately, my daughter had other plans. We were having trouble with colic and breastfeeding, so I decided to hold off.
Now that we have established some semblance of a routine, I am finally able to get back to my glorious free weights! At first, I just tested the waters a little bit. Let me tell you, things happen to your body after incubating and pushing out a tiny human. I could tell right away in my squats that the width of my hips had changed as had my flexibility. I knew then that I had to go slow with adding more weight and focus on form. If that meant starting from scratch at 45lbs for each lift, so be it.
This week was the first week of my new plan. I stole a lot of inspiration (ok, I stole pretty much everything) from Wendler's 5-3-1. I work one of four major lifts and three assistance exercises each day I go to the gym. Since I'm able to go three times a week, I am rotating like this:
Monday: squats
Wednesday: bench
Friday: deads
Monday: overhead press
Wednesday: squats
Friday: bench
The key here for me is to add weight every time I go, even if it's only 2.5lbs. Progression is absolutely vital if you are trying to get stronger, and since my daughter has pretty much doubled her body weight since birth and still has at least ten more months before she starts walking... I definitely need to get stronger.

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