Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Back in Shape

I was in great shape before I got pregnant. My husband and I did a round of P90x after our wedding and I lost 10 pounds. We cut out carbs, alcohol, and ate most of our meals at home.
I started powerlifting with the goal of competing initially at the novice level. Just when I had gained the strength and momentum to start getting serious about competition, I broke my finger (putting up a 50# dumbbell...) and was in a cast for two weeks. Soon after, I got that BFP! 
The day before I broke my finger.
My midwife insisted I could continue my exercise routine until I told her that included benching, squatting, and deadlifting more than my body weight. I was then told that I was limited to lifting 20-25lbs. Apparently, it wasn't safe for me to do more than 20% of my lifting capacity, but girls who have only ever done 5-10# curls and tricep extensions could continue at the same level and even quadruple their load if they wanted to... *major eyeroll*
I was terrified of a miscarriage, so even though I had done enough research to reassure myself that I could continue lifting as long as I felt comfortable, I decreased my load dramatically. I cut deadlifts completely, dropped my squatting weight to 75#, and only did incline bench presses with 25# dumbbells.
At six months pregnant, I cut strength training almost completely and reduced my routine to walking around the neighborhood. I was swollen, hot, and uncomfortable. It was all I could do.

Six months pregnant.
41 weeks pregnant and wider than I am tall... (The day before I gave birth.)

 Looking back, I regret not trusting myself and continuing to lift, but this was my first baby, and I was nervous. Now I am paying for it. My little girl is 11 weeks old and I have only lost about half the baby weight. I have 12lbs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight, and about 15-20 to my ideal weight. How am I going to get there? For starters, I'm back at the gym three days a week and it feels great! Before this gets anymore tl;dr I will end it here and share my routine another time. 
The only post-partum picture I could find. Me and Monkey Girl, 2 months old.

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