Friday, August 10, 2012

Sugar Detox - Day 1

Let the baking begin!

So thanks to a donation from an awesome friend, I have the official 21-Day Sugar Detox eBook! Today, I am pre-making my egg muffins and burgers which will be breakfast and lunch for the week. (Unfortunately, it's apparently really difficult to get bison on short notice here, so these burgers will be lean ground beef and ground turkey.) For snacks, I'll be baking up some kale chips and making some homemade applesauce in the crock pot. The number one "excuse" I have for not following through with this plan is that I don't have time to cook or make my meals. If I can get a week's worth of breakfast, lunch, and snacks done in one day, I'll be in good shape. The eBook has some really great recipes and meal ideas. I can't wait to try more!

I loosely followed the recipe from The Food Lovers Kitchen. I didn't have any broccoli or peppers, so I just sauteed some spinach. Next time, more veggies!

Minimal (love it!) clean up. I used a shaker bottle to scramble the eggs. Way easier than using a whisk and bowl.

Well, they're not pretty. Next time I will skip the liners and just coat the tin with some coconut oil. I will also lower the temp, because this is what they looked like at 15 minutes on 400. I'd say they were a success. I can definitely eat one of these for breakfast every morning, but I'd need to add something else to my meal in order to be satisfied.

Today is also my first day back to the gym in a week. I had a nasty ingrown toenail cut out last week (TMI? I know you want pics!) and it's still healing, so I'll be doing some lifting but keeping weight off of my foot, and then I'll be starting my 5/3/1 schedule over again on Monday. *sigh* Setbacks happen, people. You just have to keep trucking!

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