Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Three Months, Monkey!

Dear little girl,

     We have made it through jaundice, colic, acid reflux, sleepless nights, long car rides, and breastfeeding setbacks. We still have a long way to go, but I think we make a good team. We are learning to co-habitate, slowly but surely. I am learning the difference between the times you are hungry and the times you are just tired. You are learning that you can depend on me to take care of you in both of those (and all other) situations, and also that you have hands. Soon enough, you will figure out that nobody is going to steal those little piggies from you so you can settle down with the munching.
     I hope you like the silly games we play, because I love watching your face light up when I say, "Kiss Mommy on the nose!" I hope you like our time nursing together, because I love watching you fall sleep on my lap when you're full. I promise to keep reading (especially Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss) and singing (I know you love Journey and Jason Mraz) to you for your benefit, and taking lots of pictures of you for mine.
     There are days when I get frustrated that I don't know what you want, especially when you've been sufficiently fed, changed, and cuddled. There are days when I wish you could talk to me and just tell me if you need the lights turned down or if you want to play. But when I see you napping contently in your swing with one or both arms raised above your head like you fell asleep mid-stretch, I know you are getting what you need. You won't be this little forever and I accept that. So, while I sometimes worry that you aren't getting enough sleep or tummy time, I do my best to enjoy every waking minute (and these days, there are a lot of those) with you. I love you, Silly Monkey!

<3 Mama

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