Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nutiva Coconut Oil Review/Giveaway!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil rubs me all the right ways. (Yeah, pun intended.) It's cheap, it's healthy, and it has a TON of uses. Since I'm not a healthcare professional or nutrition expert (yet) I will provide links to reputable sources that identify the possible medical benefits of coconut oil once I get done blabbing about how and why I use it.

Cooking and Baking
  • I use Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to replace butter, shortening, or olive oil in recipes. Coconut oil doesn't oxidize as easily as other oils when heated, so it holds up better for sauteing and stir frying.
  • It contains a higher concentration of saturated fats, but those fats are believed to be linked to dozens of health benefits including weight loss, improved digestion, and increased metabolism. (I also use coconut products to substitute for dairy ingredients because my daughter has a milk sensitivity.)
  • So, as long as you don't eat the whole jar, you're probably going to be just fine--and maybe even better off--substituting coconut oil for other fats and oils in your diet!

  • Coconut oil has many topical uses because of its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.
  • I mainly use Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for diaper rash prevention. (Obviously, I use a separate jar for the changing table from the one I use in the kitchen.) If you use cloth diapers, most diaper creams are off limits because they contain ingredients like waxes and petrolatum that will coat the diaper causing it to repel moisture instead of absorbing it. Coconut oil is cloth diaper safe and great for baby's skin. It creates the same "barrier" as commercial creams, and it's safer because it doesn't include preservatives, parabens or petroleum by-products. It glides on easy because it's not a thick paste or cream. It's also organic and 100% natural.
  • Since bath time is part of our nightly routine, I will occasionally give my daughter a little massage before putting on her PJs. It also helps to keep her skin from drying out.
  • I've also used it for acne, dandruff/cradle cap, and dry/cracked skin (like my lips and feet.)
  • CO is also used to treat thrush/yeast infections and athlete's foot, but fortunately I have not had a chance to test those uses.

More Perks
  • It contains ONE ingredient. Take a look at your skin care products like shampoo and lotion. I've counted over 30 ingredients in most of mine!
  • It costs less than $10 for a 15oz. tub. compared with $6 for a 3.7oz tube of diaper cream, $11 for 8oz of BBW lotion, $15 for 750ml of olive oil, $4 for lip balm, $15 for 4oz of foot cream... Should I keep going?
  • It's unrefined and cold-pressed, so you get that coconut smell and taste.
  • It lasts forever! I have only gone through one tub that I've used for cooking. The one in the nursery is only about 1/2 gone and I use it at every diaper change.

Where You Can Get It
- From Amazon with Subscribe and Save, which makes it 5% cheaper and includes free shipping.
- Check your local health food store.
- You can win it from me! 

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***I did not receive any compensation or free products for my review. I just <3 Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! :)***

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