Wednesday, February 6, 2013

REVIEW: Sew Silly Designs

I know I said I was moving away from cloth diaper-related posts, but I saw Kammie, the mama behind Sew Silly Designs at a local community fair and I caught myself drooling over her diapers. I am such a sucker for cute prints, and I kept going back to stalk her table even though I didn't have any money. I contacted her a few weeks ago about possibly reviewing a diaper of hers and she sent me one! *yay*

The first thing I noticed was how lush and soft the inside of the diaper was. And the insert is made with the same cotton velour material as well. [I hate when a cover or AI2 is minky inside and then it gets covered by a less luxurious diaper or insert, so this made me happy!] According to the Sew Silly Designs Etsy store, "The insert is made with 2 layers of matching CV and 6 layers of absorbent, all natural fiber, pre-washed bamboo fleece."

Another thing I love is that this particular diaper is an AI2 with a cotton outer layer and a hidden layer of PUL, which means it looks like an adorable fitted, but doesn't need a cover!

This is a one-size diaper, which means it has three different rise snap settings, and they run a bit larger than typical OS diapers, so they should fit babies from 10lbs. through potty training. You can even use the shell as undies while potty training!

At first I had issues with gaping at the legs, but I am certain it was user error, because the next time I put it OTB, it didn't seem quite as bad. If the insert seems a little thick, you can always switch it out for a trimmer one in your stash. (I used a BabyKicks hemp insert the second time just for comparison's sake and it worked just fine.) The only change I would make to this diaper is adding an extra row of waist/hip snaps to reduce "wing droop." It's purely aesthetic, as it doesn't affect the function of the diaper at all. Lucky for you, if you want a double row of snaps, you can request one for $1.50 extra.

All in all, I LOVE this diaper. I honestly do. It fits my chunkster around the thighs, which is a feat! The print is one of MANY adorable prints she has available. It also fits around the waist with room to grow. If you have a small or thin, lanky baby, the waist snaps cross over for a tighter fit.

Where can you get a Sew Silly Designs cloth diaper?
You can find OS AI2s, newborn AI2s, and OS fitteds in the Sew Silly Designs store on Etsy. She also does custom orders!

If you want to see what prints she has in stock, LIKE the Sew Silly Designs Facebook page! Stalk away, I know I do!


  1. Look at those little rollies! My 6 mo old daughter has Michelin man legs and I cannot get enough of them! Thanks for sharing - I'd never heard of Sew Silly Designs, and how I have!

    1. I am in love with her rolls and chunky thighs! I'm going to be so sad when she leans out.

  2. I LOVE her diapers!!! I have one of them and will buy more from her when we have more children.

  3. Omgosh! That fish diaper is so adorable! If I had to do it all over I would cloth diaper!

  4. If anything could get me into cloth diapers (well not be personally, obviously!) the cuteness factor is high on the list.