Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Chores Chart

I guess "normal" people just take care of things around the house as they need to be taken care of. I on the other hand, need structure, a system. I need a schedule. Charts, graphs, spreadsheets!

Photo courtesy of the Italian voice

Now that we've settled into the house, I have figured out a routine that works for me and I want to share it with you guys, because I hope it helps you! (I will offer it for free download once I figure out how to upload a Word document to the internet. 0_o)

I first created two columns for my rotation:
1. Rooms
2. Chores

Every weekday, I will focus on a different room:
Monday - Kitchen
Tuesday - Dining Room
Wednesday - Living Room
Thursday - Bathrooms
Friday - Bedrooms

In addition to focusing on one room, I will also have a "chore" for the whole house.
Monday - Sweep and mop the tile floors
Tuesday - Dust
Wednesday - Vacuum
Thursday - Wipe glass and walls
Friday - Paperwork (sorting bills and other important papers)

Some of these things may get done more than once. For instance, I vacuum all the carpets on Wednesday, when I am focusing on the living room, but I will also vacuum the bedrooms on Friday if they need it.

On the weekends, there are only a couple chores. I prefer to do the outside on the weekends because my husband is home and that's his domain. ;)
Saturday - Yard / mow, water, rake, trim trees
Sunday - Garage / sweep garage and porch, take trash to the curb

We also go grocery shopping and run any other important errands on the weekends so we can do it together.

Other "chores" get done daily or as needed like laundry, dishes, trash, and general straightening up.

I know this list may not fit everyone's schedule or home, but I hope this at least inspires some customized plans.

How do you clean your house? Do you have a system?

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